RenaissanceRe Junior Gold Cup 2020

oct26 2champs sBy Laurie Fullerton

Hamilton BERMUDA, Oct. 26, 2014 - After three days of racing on the Great Sound, the fleet of 14 International sailors and 26 Bermudians met their final teacher - a tricky, shifty Hamilton harbour course the final challenge to the fleet. The sailors took it on and despite the difficult, light conditions, Denmark's Christian Spodsberg finished today's race in first place with 33 points and is the overall winner of the Renaissance Re Junior Gold Cup.

"The harbour was much more shifty and difficult than I expected and I had to fight my way up to the top mark where I was in fourth" Spodsberg said who won the regatta. "On the next rounding, through the gate, I was in first so that was very good. It was a great time here overall."

Bermudians placed well in the overall regatta with Adam Larson,13, holding on to his second place with 53 points. Larson sailed very well this week and also earned the award for top Bermudian sailor.

By Laurie Fullerton

Searching for breeze and pressure on the race course was a game of snakes and ladders for young competitors at the Renaissance Re Junior Gold Cup today. While grappling with the need for patience and consistency - two requirements for sailing well in light air - many sailors were tested during the third day of racing on Bermuda’s Great Sound.

“It was light wind sailing and I like light wind,” said Hayden Sewell of Great Britain who finished strongly today and is currently in sixth place. “I was really looking hard for the wind pressure and I feel like I sailed well.”

First and second place did not change after nine races with Christian Spodsberg of Denmark in first place with 32 points, Bermudian Adam Larson in second with 42 points while Joao Emilio Vasconcellos of Brazil is in third place with 46 points, followed by Rocco Falcone of Antigua with 47 points.

By Laurie Fullerton

Stamina and determination were key factors for the competitors racing in day two of the Renaissance Re Junior Gold Cup today. The 14 international guests and 26 young Bermudians finished five races on Bermuda’s Great Sound. This is a test of endurance for any sailor especially young ones.

The results keep Christian Spodsberg of Denmark in 1st place with 14 points after seven races. Bermudian Adam Larson remains in second with 33 points but is now tied with Rocco Falcone of Antigua, also with 33 points.

Much of the key to the success of today’s marathon was the resilience of the competitors who did not flag or falter as they put in a great day of sailing in a building breeze of 17-18 knots.